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A word about the weather
Ballooning requires almost perfect conditions; light winds, no rain, and good visibility. Unfortunately the British climate doesn't always oblige!

We want your flight to be as enjoyable as possible, so please bear with us if it has to be cancelled due to bad weather.

We will reschedule your flight for the soonest possible date, at your convenience.

What shall I wear?

Don't wear your Sunday best for your balloon trip; it is best to wear trousers and sturdy boots or shoes. It is not too cold in the basket, as there is no resistance to the wind, and let's not forget that big bag of hot air over your head! However, it is wise to bring a jumper or fleece as it can become chilly on landing. You may want to bring cap to protect your head from the heat of the burners.

A question of weight

All balloons are weight loaded and it is very important to have all passengers weights, especially in the summer months when the temperature is higher. In the interests of safety and operational requirements we cannot undertake the carriage of passengers whose weight exceeds 18 stone (114kg).

Rainbow and clouds over a river from a hot air balloon