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The Flight

Your balloon ride with Henley Balloons will now take place with Virgin Balloon Flights.

Existing customers with valid Henley Balloons flight vouchers can find out how to transfer to Virgin Balloon Flights in their log-in page.

If you haven’t yet got a balloon ride voucher, visit the Virgin Balloon Flights website to purchase, where you can also find an up-to-date list of flight locations.

Live the dream Come fly with us
The Flight

The Flight

The area you choose depends on the kind of experience you wish to have.

Henley-on-Thames offers glorious views of the river, the historic market town, and the beautiful Chiltern Hills. Sometimes the wind direction and speed will require us to use our back up sites at Reading or near Marlow.

Fly with us from Cutteslowe Park for views of the city, float over the Oxfordshire countryside and admire the wonderful country houses.

Great Missenden,
Nestling in the Chilterns this delightful country village offers great food before or after your flight and views of the beautiful hills and valleys with a background of the London skyline in the distance. Our back up launch site for flights from this area is just west of Aylesbury at Hartwell.

Each area is equally magical, and the choice is yours!

Be it a gift or indulgence, this is an adventure everyone dreams of

The Meeting

The meeting time for the flight varies with the changing seasons. In the summer we fly early morning before the thermals develop and then early evening as we must wait for the day to cool and the thermals to die down. In the autumn and winter we launch in the late morning and early afternoon in order to land safely before dusk. At the appointed meeting time, the passengers, crew and pilot will assemble at the launch site. The balloon is inflated with the passengers present, as it is all part of the experience and excitement. You are more than welcome to lend a hand in putting the balloon up, with the pilot and crew's guidance.

The Launch

Once the pilot has given a passenger safety briefing the balloon is filled with cold air. The pilot turns on the burners, the balloon rises, and it is time for the passengers to climb aboard. The balloon is released, and you float gently up and away for the experience of a lifetime. Drifting off peacefully into the sky the balloon can rise to heights over 2000 feet. With the heat of the flame to keep you warm, it is no colder than on the ground.

After the pilot has given a passenger briefing the balloon is released, and you float gently up and away for the experience of a lifetime.

The Landing

The flight lasts for about an hour, at which point the Pilot looks for a safe and suitable place to land. Upon landing, the balloon crew, who have been following your progress by road, will arrive. The balloon is packed away and then, in the finest tradition of ballooning, the flight is toasted with a few glasses of chilled champagne, giving you the chance to relive your experience with fellow passengers, pilot and crew. At this point the pilot will hand out personalized flight certificates and you will have the option to purchase the in- flight photo. Once you feel completely relaxed and inspired by your new experience and of course the champagne has all gone you may join us for a courtesy drive back to the launch site. The whole experience takes around 3 - 3 1/2 hours.

Cameras Welcome

As the balloon travels with the wind, the basket is very steady and makes a wonderful platform for photography. You are very welcome to bring cameras and videos to record your experience, but please hold on to them tightly as we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage. We also have a camera which we can remote from the basket and take an in-flight photo. These can be purchased after your flight.

Henley Balloons is a trading name of Adventure Balloons Ltd.