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A breathtaking flight to cross off that list of life
Don't be afraid!

The sensation of floating in a hot air balloon is impossible to describe, but for those of a nervous disposition a word of reassurance; there is none of the 'lurching' feeling usually associated with ascending or descending.

Nor is there the sensation of vertigo usually felt at great heights; there is simply the peace and tranquillity of being in the open air, moving with the breeze, and observing the world opening out before you like a map.

Any sensation of fear is overcome by one of wonderment at seeing the world for the first time from this unique angle.

A question of age

There are no age limits on participating in ballooning. If you feel adventurous enough to want to fly in a balloon, then you are not too old to do so. We fly people of all ages some well into there 80’s and 90’s. For our more mature passengers, all that is required is enough flexibility to bend the knees on landing. As for our younger passengers if under the age of 16 they must be accompanied by an adult, and be at least 4’5” tall to be able to see over the sides of the basket! Please note however you must not fly if you are pregnant. If you find out that you are, just call us and we will extend your voucher for 12 months.

In our experience even the most nervous of passengers soon relax after take off, feeling secure in the basket and thoroughly enjoy the flight. Ballooning is very safe; the Civil Aviation Authority enforces strict standards for hot-air balloons, and all our pilots are fully qualified.


Using a bubble gun from the hot air balloon basket, during the flight